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Personal Skin Care

Organacell is a premium derma cosmetic brand that listens to each person's skin concerns and
creates optimal skin correction beauty products.

Skin that is distorted due to external factors and aging also needs correction.
For ideal skin, you should create your own skin care routine that adds and subtracts based on your skin condition.

Based on the data of tens of thousands of skin concerns and safe ingredients that the skin experts at Organacell Research Institute have faced for more than 10 years,
they make the best products and
suggest a customized skin correction routine to return to the ideal skin.

Organa Cell is a compound word of OGANA (organa dermatologist) + CELL (skin cell).

As a dermatologist, the name implies the meaning of 'professionalism' and 'targeting towards skin research'. For the logo, the cross mark symbol symbolizing the Derma Cosmetics brand is added to the font that shows

the shape of a face that is closer to an oval rather than a perfect circle
, and the curves that make up the human eyes, nose, mouth and body . The symbol mark has also been transformed into a rounded corner by using the line connecting the heel and body of ceramics as a motif from the existing rectangular cross mark that is filled with it. This represents the philosophy of Premium Derma Cosmetics Organacell, which pursues 'refined yet soft natural beauty' and 'clean skin correction' .

Applus+ Velosi is a group focused in vendor inspection, third party inspection, certification, testing and manpower services for the oil&gas industry. VELOSI Group was founded in 1982 in Malaysia to provide asset integrity, quality assurance, quality control and a variety of other engineering services to leading oil and gas companies worldwide. We operate globally from five regional headquarters in the USA, UK, South Africa, UAE and Malaysia. Applus+ Velosi has 70 offices in 50 countries worldwide.

Applus+ Velosi can offer you everything from quality assurance to quality control; we also can handle the manufacturing process from inspection to legislative certification.

The strength of our approach comes from offering a global service while meeting local needs. Applus+ Velosi achieves this because we operate in all the world’s major established and emerging markets.

Our clients have ease of access to our global network via their local office- an pproach that offers many benefits to companies trying to control operations in unfamiliar territories remotely.

You will benefit from our knowledge of local customs, laws and practices. Our experience in these different locations will enable us to help you achieve your goals more effectively.

By combining global coverage and local knowledge with a wide spectrum of services, we are able to create tailored solutions to individual problems. Our range of inter-related services and modular methodology ensure that we can accommodate a real diversity of projects.

By cutting through red tape, we provide client companies with a bespoke service of the highest quality.

  • 3D Laser Scanning
  • Asset Integrity Management
  • Certification Services
  • Engineering Services
  • HSE Services
  • MEP Services
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Corrosion Monitoring
  • Pipeline Rehabilitation
  • Project Quality Management System
  • Provision of Engineering/Technical Manpower
  • Quality Maintenance Management Services
  • Rig and Subsea Services
  • Software solutions
  • Statutory Inspection Services
  • Training
  • Vendor Inspection and Expediting

Extentrac® Elite

Extentrac® Elite M3D incorporates 3 Dimensional non-surgical spinal decompression. Its patented technology provides the spine care specialist with a conservative, safe, and effective means of applying customized spinal decompression combined with the synergy of evidence-based therapeutic protocols.

Clinical experience and worldwide use in rehabilitation hospitals and pain management clinics demonstrate Extentrac® Elite’s effectiveness in patients with back pain, when distraction of the spinal vertebrae can produce beneficial results. Optimal candidates for M3D (multi-directional disc decompression) treatment are those who, on the basis of neurological deficits and examination findings, are not immediate candidates for surgery. Extentrac® Elite’s patented M3D technology and wide range of evidence based applications is commonly used as a primary musculoskeletal treatment intervention or as a co-treatment in combination with epidural injections, physical therapy, chiropractic, and medical manual therapy to affect spinal rehabilitation outcomes.

Its FDA indications for use include relief from the major causes of mechanical back pain including lumbar disc herniation (protrusion), disc bulge, degenerative disc disease, facet syndrome, radiating leg pain, low back pain and localized back pain.

  • Extentrac® Elite’s key technological features are the result of extensive feedback from clinicians, patient experience, experienced medical design engineers, and research evidence as presented in accordance with all relevant scientific literature on spinal physiology and best therapeutic practice called “evidence-based” research.
  • While Extentrac® Elite can provide similar treatment capability as the competition, it is not to be considered only a limited function spinal decompression device, but a multi-purpose physical therapy device with enhanced decompression function.
  • Hands-on operation is required to comprehend the comprehensive features of this device.
  • When operated with a unique choice of automated or manually controlled or combinations of both; when used with absolute control of the patient’s posture with manipulation of the leg control bar and leg assembly, this device becomes an extension of the doctor’s hands.
  • It is capable of precise, effortless movement in 3-D, providing total access to the patient’s spine and support of muscles for instant tissue-stretch and interspinous joint separation. Feedback monitoring, as M3D Preset decompression techniques with other therapeutic treatment procedures can be easily and quickly applied.

Extentrac® Elite

Extentrac® Elite DRX 9000/Integrity Spine Med Antalgic Trak
Patient Positioning
Walk On/Off Access
Treatment Type
Direct Patient Contact
Axial Decompression
3D Decompression
Rotational Circumduction

Note: This Product literature and comparison is updated on a periodic basis. Recent feature additions and changes may not be included in this chart. Consult the distributor of each unit discussed herein for a complete listing of all available features associated with that unit.


M3D® (Multi-Directional Disc Dynamics) The Technology That Separates This Spinal Decompression Device From Others.

Unlike basic linear or axial tables, Extentrac® Elite's M3D® System enables supine or prone patient positioning in flexion, extension, and lateral flexion - to enable spinal decompression in pain-relieving and more anatomically correct positions while allowing active mobilization with decompression.

Matching Treatment To Diagnosis - Position Is Everything

M3D® (Multi-Directional Disc Dynamics) is our revolutionary spine positioning system and treatment technique. Unlike basic spinal decompression tables, which limit the direction of applied distraction to the axial, Extentrac® Elite Multi-Directional Disc Dynamics enables the application of distraction coupled with flexion, extension, lateral flexion or rotational circumduction either manually applied or fully automated.

This functionality cannot be achieved by treatment tables in which patients are placed in seated positions (which increases disc pressure), are limited to the prone or supine treatment position, do not have precise manual control of distractive force and angle of decompression, or do not allow the clinician to have physical hands-on access to the patient's spine during treatment session. Extentrac has proven to be a superior spinal therapeutic device.

Acute patients in severe myospasm may be unable to tolerate supine positioning due to the type and location of the disc herniation in relation to the compressed nerve root and may require treatment options that afford flexion-decompression postures in the prone position. Chronic or sub-acute patients may conversely require supine extension-decompression techniques. The M3D® System makes possible the delivery of decompression in more exact, anatomically correct and pain relieving positions - prior to and during spinal decompression treatment resulting in a more rapid symptomatic improvement and return of neurological function while delivering treatment in half the time when compared to linear decompression units.


Spinal Decompression Treatment Comparison - What A Difference!

Let us compare the technique of Extentrac® Elite M3D® decompression in the reduction of an acute L5 right medial disc herniation to basic linear 'axial' decompression treatment.

Provocative testing prior to treatment indicates symptoms of right buttock and leg pain which decreases with extension and right lateral flexion. Leg pain increases with axial positioning, flexion and left lateral flexion.

Linear axial decompression units claim to be the best, yet their fixed platform design, limits patient positioning to the axial position with indirect localization of the disc.

Spinal decompression treatment begins as the force of distraction is applied which results in increased leg pain as the L5 nerve root becomes further entrapped and compressed by HNP disc.

Extentrac® Elite M3D® decompression is initiated following isolation and exact positioning of the disc into extension and right lateral flexion utilizing its patented M3D® system.

In essence, we are mimicking the patients antalgic positioning and an immediate reduction in leg pain is observed with both internal disc decompression and anatomical positioning as the distance between nerve root and disc is increased prior to the application of decompression force.

Over View

Building: 3B+G+4P+27 FLOORS

Floors Location: Business Bay, Dubai


Total Build up Area

Building Type: Commercial/Retail

Facilities: Basement Parking, Swimming Pool


Construction Level

Projected Completion Time:  Dec.2017


Traveling Time (from / to)

Airport: 20 mins Distance

Dubai Mall /Burj Khalifa: 7 mins Distance

Burj Al Arab: 4 mins Distance




Color of Insulation

Formulated the Laws of Physics with Chemistry

ISONEM Paint & Insulation Technologies was established in Izmir in 2004.It has assumed the leading role with the innovations it has brought up to the sector with its research and development (r & d) team, each of which is specialized in his/her branch at a 7000 m2 closed modern production site landed on an area of 10000 m2 within ITOB Organized Industrial Zone. It have presented the innovative products for defense, energy, agriculture and industrial field and the thermal, sonic, fire, water insulation and special chemical products that we have developed to the usage of the mankind and the whole world.

It managed to have their name echoed via both domestic and foreign successes that it have achieved by adopting sustainable quality as a principle within every stage by using high technology since the beginnings of their organization.

They have achieved to be a Turkish Company and Trade Mark through our activities in Europe, Africa and Far East which is known well by the whole world in its field by executing exports to approximately 100 countries, basically China, Korea and USA.

Besides our commercial and sectorial success, we have been aware of the fact that today’s world is entrusted to us for the mankind of tomorrows, since we have never used biocidal raw materials within our products as an outcome of our awareness for the environment.

As Isonem, our mission is protecting the nature via electricity generating external housepaints, paints which convert CO2 into Oxygen and many innovative products; and to present a better world worth living.

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